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How does it work


When water flows over the surface of the carbon, contaminants diffuse from the water into the pores of the carbon and become attached.

The key to activated carbon's incredible ability to filter such large volumes of water per gram is due to it's network of microscopic pores creating a massive surface area for contaminants to attach too.

The activated carbon in each GAC filter has a surface area in excess of 2000 square meters. With a filtering capacity of 50L at a size no bigger than a tea bag, these little filters are standing up to some big competition!

I was pleasantly suprised at the amount of refills I could get from a single filter. I now embrace my tap water! – Julie Thompson, mother of two

No more plastic.

There are many types of filtering systems on the market. Much like a filtering jug you might use at home, reusable sports bottles are now coming equipped with built in filters. Some bottles require you to pour water through the filter, while others filter the water as you drink. These filters are often noisy, uncomfortable to drink from, and in many cases leak. These built-in carbon filters come encased in plastic and need to be replaced every two months which means more plastic cartridges ending up in landfills. GAC filters are the plant based solution! Using GAC means no big, bulky plastic pieces to throw away. Just place the used filter in your green bin or trash.  


GAC Sports Bottle Water Filters are tap water's new bestie. They make tap water taste great!


What does activated carbon remove? down-arrow.png

Why is it recommended that is rinse the filter prior to use? down-arrow.png

To remove trace amounts of carbon dust that can be created during transportation. This dust is harmless.

Is activated carbon safe to ingest? down-arrow.png

Yes, it is safe. Activated carbon is commonly used in emergency rooms for treatment of accidental poisoning. Therefore, any granules that escape the filter are harmless if accidentally consumed.

Can I use my filter more than once? down-arrow.png

Yes. Each reusable filter has the capacity to filter up to 50L of tap water. Simply continue to refill your sports bottle with tap water, leaving the filter inside.

What do I do with my spent filters? down-arrow.png

GAC filters are 100% biodegradable. Throw them in your green bin or trash.

Can these filters be used for other water sources? down-arrow.png

GAC filters are only for use in potable water.

Is the activated carbon certified? down-arrow.png

Yes. The activated carbon used in GAC filters is NSF/ANSI 42 certified.


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