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What is GAC

These little mesh bags are made from plant starch and are filled with high quality granular activated coconut carbon. This revolutionary new mesh has bacteriostatic and mildew-proof properties and is 100% biodegradable. These filters remove chlorine, chloramine and organic contaminates responsible for taste and odor found in tap water.


I drop a GAC in my CamelBak® when I go hiking. The water tastes like it came fresh from a stream. – Sunil Sarwal


How do I use it?

GAC filters are great on the go!  Place your filter inside any sports bottle and fill with tap water. Your GAC filter will immediately go to work removing contaminants, leaving you with the freshest tasting water around.

Since this filter is reusable and has the capacity to filter up to 50L of water, simply continue to refill your sports bottle, leaving the filter inside. 


Why choose GAC filter over other common filtering products?

Just like us, hydration needs come in all shapes and sizes. Maybe you're a cyclist that needs a bottle that will fit perfectly in your bike's bottle cage. Maybe you're a backpacker, kayaker, or someone in the military who prefers a hydration pack. Maybe you're someone who prefers aluminum to plastic, or glass to aluminum.

Whatever the shape, size or color, GAC filters will work for you! They are the most convenient, portable and environmentally responsible filtering alternative on the market today.  

Go ahead! Rock your favourite reusable water bottle. GAC filters will work in any bottle you already own!


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